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"The Sebel Melbourne was not only comfortable but staffed with friendly people. Our requests were handled quite well. Wild Escapes provided a nice first day get acquainted with the city. The guide Katie was both knowledgeable and friendly (even indulging us with talking about Aussie slang). Fur and Feathers was a fantastic experience. Paul was our guide first day and his passion for native wildlife was evident. Roger and Janine were lovely as well providing us with a first class wildlife and cultural experience in South Australia. We would very highly recommend their operation. We especially enjoyed Roger’s passion for the environment and the natural world. The ability to have a private tour allowed us exclusive access to him. He understood exactly what we wanted and went out of the way to make our experience most enjoyable. This was especially evident when Joe was feeling under the weather and Roger needed to modify our tour to accommodate this."

"Thank you for all your efforts. Highlights include the 3 days with Roger and the koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, penguins, and emus, the private yacht cruise in Sydney, the traincar restaurant in Melbourne, hiking in the rainforest outside of Torurua, Milford Sound (especially the flight back) and kayaking at Mt. Cook. Each was made extra special by the owner/guide for the experience."

Julie Cliff
Feb 08
"Hard to believe just two weeks ago we were at Thala. Our photo album is fun to look at already and Barbara did a little imovie to show folks! I think the GBR and Jowalbinna definitely the high points, and as you said "jowalbinna is a very special, unique place and an adventure not to be missed!" We will keep your card and number for other trips!!!"

Dan and Barbara
May 2007
"We had a fabulous time in Australia thanks to the rock star itinerary you put together for us! I've been so busy since returning, I haven't had a chance to thank you. We'll have to catch up soon so I can give you all the skinny on our adventures. Cheers and have a great weekend! "

Kim Lenox
April 2007
"Thank you for planning such a wonderful trip for us. We are still in awe of all the things we've seen and done! Everything went incredibly smooth considering the complex itinerary and Australia2See helped us with any minor problems we had. For me personally it was a lifetime dream come true. I don't have much time on the computer today so I won't have time to give you detailed feedback. One thing Tim and I both agree about though is the Inala Wildlife tour of Tasmania was the best. The tour guide Ruth Brezok was the most knowlegeable and easy going person (she felt family by the end) of all -- just a great ecotourist guide. "
Thanks for everything!
Cathy Tate
OCT-Dec 2006
"A milestone....#250. Only 65 to complete the Traveler's Century Club list. On the 50 seat dash 8 Quantaslink airplane I sat by a young woman who recently got a job with Australia's Dept of Tourism. She wanted to know why I was going to Lord Howe Island. And I told her. At the small LHI airport she helped me find Libby Grant. And she told Libby that I was "country collecting." Libby's first words to me were, "do you know Charles Veley, the world's most traveled person? He recently stayed at our lodge." MORE...
"Thank you so much for putting together our trip. The iternerary you suggested was a perfect match for our outdoor active type. We especially enjoyed the Mike Ball and the white water rafting. The people are friendly and carefree and it was fabuluous to adopt that mentallity for a few weeks. Anyways, thanks again the trip couldn't have gone more smoothly, and your services are greatly appreciated".

Alexis Mierzwa
July 2006
"I am sorry to have postponed my reply regarding Lord Howe Island. We had a wonderful time and can not thank you enough for directing us to the perfect vacation getaway. The beauty of the island goes beyond any words. The truly amazing story belongs to the people and service received. " MORE...
"Where do I start?  We were delayed getting out of Albany due to bad weather in Chicago.  I was concerned leaving Chicago because according to our schedule the connection to Sydney was going to be impossible.  Arriving in California we were surprised to see that Qantas held the flight until all passengers were accounted for.  What a relief.  Of course the flight to Sydney is very long but the crew went out of their way to accommodate everyones needs." MORE...
" I can't say enough how great our trip was.  Everything went off without a hitch.  All of our flights were on time, the hotels were all waiting for us, & our guides & drivers were just where you arranged them to be.  We didn't even lose any luggage!!" MORE...

" But I wanted to make sure that you knew what a fantastic time we had. I really enjoyed all the tours. Especially Wilderness Challenge and Echidna Walkabout. Both were A+++++ and we got along so well with Dean of
Wilderness Challenge and Jeanine of Echidna. We just loved them both! "

Jenny Chang
Oct 2005

"I thoroughly enjoyed this trip and the experience of using a travel agent to book little tours like you found worked out wonderfully. Most of our tours ended up being private tours, which was much better than we had anticipated!  We thought we'd be in groups of 8, so we basically had the tour guides' full attention." MORE...

"From start to finish it was great. The people at Broken Hill Outback Tours were just the nicest people, we had a wonderful time with them. Dunk Island was just incredible, the diving was great. The die hard divers should live aboard, because a lot of time is wasted traveling to the reef. Next time we know. I managed to get thrown from a horse on Dunk injured my leg pretty good, but no breaks thank god!! the Staff was great and the RNs were wonderful. Its a great place in every way. Ben did the bridge climb in Sydney Bungy jumped in Cairns and Sky Dived Dunk, he's the real dare devil... We have 2 albums full of great photos... Thank you so much it was an incredible trip and we will return to Australia again."

Dara and Ben
Feb 2005


"I had a FANTASTIC time in Australia and NZ.  Everything went more or less according to plan -- no missed flights or reservation issues. Today was my first day back at work.  Much of my day today was spent making my co-workers jealous by showing them a photo album of the "best" 200 pictures out of the 3,000 that I have.  I've had several people ask me what my favorite place was, and I really can't narrow it down -- just too many fantastic memories!
Thanks for your work in putting it all together. "

Ken Kotlowski
Dec 2004

"I was most impressed by Lizard Island, and the accommodations. I was very happy with the sunset view unit, although the proximity of unit to unit is quite close, the hammocks won me over completely. The great food certainly didn’t hurt either, but I spent most of the day exploring the beaches and snorkeling around the island, as tides permitted. Mike Ball was great. Fantastic people, great food, and the accommodations were just fine. The boat was at capacity, but didn’t feel overcrowded. The dive sites were spectacular, and well managed there as we were the only boat at each site. I was able to complete my Advanced open water without any problems.  I’d recommend MB to anyone, they try very hard to please. Thanks for all your hard work. I love Australia and its people. Next trip, I’ll visit the Dampier Peninsula, I think.

Brent Denhart
Nov 2004

"My trip was absolutely fantastic. I loved every moment of it - and you were right, between the three activities: the tour, time at the resort and the live aboard it was perfect.  The accomodations were more than expected.  The Spirit of Freedom was a great boat, and I was fortunate that it was only half full, so I didn't even have to share a room. Everyone that I dealt with (tour guides, hotel staff, and boat crew) was incredibly friendly and helpful - and made my two week solo vacation very enjoyable. Although I don't think I'll be returning to Australia in the next year or two, I definately plan on returning again.  And I will be looking to plan another dive vacation. Thanks for all your help - in planning the trip AND the last minute changes - it was teriffic.

Kim Smith
OCT 2004
"What a trip!! It was really far to go with such a short time. You planned a very nice itinerary for us. Cairns seemed to be for Australians what Hawaii is for the US. A place to escape their winter further south.  One of our drivers said tourism is the #1 industry there and fishing second. It seemed like a big share of the tourists there were Australians." MORE...

"Thanks a lot for everything I enjoyed every minute of the trip you set up for me! Shark feeding was awesome! I really appreciate your time and profesionalism! I'm a traveller and I'll come and ask for your help again in the near future! PS... Your follow up with e-mails, welcome back home postcards, etc is awesome, you are an example of what customer service should be, is not about the sale but the long term relationship and I do value that!"

David Garcia
August 2004

"To start we would like to thank you for all your assistance, support  and patience while setting up our trip. It was outstanding.!  Both you, Marjianna, and Great Expeditions ,by far exceeded our expectations and made this truly a trip of a lifetime!  After planning this trip for over a year, it's success came down to your personalized touch, your understanding of our needs, and your  familiarity with Australia that made this a 'Trip of a Lifetime.' " MORE...
" My down under trip was great.  Sydney is really a world class city with great restaurants, though I was amazed at how expensive the restaurants were even in comparison to some of the best restaurants in Chicago - $3.20 Australian for a cup of coffee!  We especially loved the harbor and the zoo.  We also loved Daintree a great spot with wonderful service.  Not too thrilled about Dunk Island though.  Its more family oriented and what it has to offer I'm not so interested in.  But it worked out because I had to cut my time short there by one day because of the glitch in the Spirit of Freedom. MORE...
" The trip was awesome!!  It was more than I expected and everything went very smoothly just as you said it would.  Sorry if I often seemed to jump your case about information, but it was scarey going someplace I had never been and didn't really know what to expect. The land tour was incredible.  Although 100 degrees and humid, it was quite an experience.  The Mimidis' didn't like it because we were camping, but they knew in advance it was "an outback trip" so can't say much there.  I think I would definately come back during your winter time to do hiking and that sort of thing because of the temperatures." MORE...
" We had a wonderful trip.  The weather was good for the most part, the guides were good (the Adventure Company guides Katie, Tom, and Colin were great), the scenery was beautiful and we met nice people on the tours as well.  I was a little surprised by the fact that we had no tent on the Wayoutback safari ( I still did not know what a swag was), but that was okay, beautiful nights under the stars and no bugs.  The backpacking trip was one of the highlights as well as the boat trip.  We also very much enjoyed the trip up to Daintree.  The Heritage lodge was very nice, our type of place.

So, as you can tell, we thoroughly enjoyed everything.  I have about 300 pictures.  I would love to go back sometime.  There is soo much we did not see, as well as making it to New Zealand sometime. That will be a while, however. Thanks again.

Lisa Day
Sep 2003
"The trip from Darwin to Davidson's Camp in Arnhemland starts at the crack of dawn in a six seat charter plane flying over the remote upper end of the Northern Territory. The flight is beautiful, and you might want to have a camera handy. You are delivered to a dirt strip near the camp where your guide picks you up in plenty of time for a morning tour. The camp itself is basic-tents with outhouses & showers, and a large communal tent for meals and socializing. Ray, who runs the place, is witty, urbane, very interested in meeting all your needs, and puts out a great meal." MORE...
" Thanks for helping us organize a great trip!  We especially enjoyed the dive trip with Mike Ball, the birds at O'Reilly's, the Bloomfield Track (Harold of Mason's Tours was tremendous), and the convenient locations of our hotels in Cairns and Sydney. Thanks again for all your help!  We had a fabulous time!
Frank and Kia Slattery

Nov 2002
" What an incredible trip we had!  We are grateful to the Grays, the Ebbs, and Joan Hitt for having the vision of the trip that they wanted.  We are grateful to you for listening to their desires and turning them into the reality of a journey of a lifetime for us.  We could bubble on and on about the experiences we had, and would be happy and willing to share any details that might interest you.

Many thanks again for your fantastic work in planning our trip.

Elaine and Jay Millane

Group 7 pax – Nov 2002
"We just returned from our honeymoon last week and I would be delighted to provide feedback.  Overall, the trip was fabulous!!!  Several times, Rachel and I looked at each other and remarked how lucky we were to work with you. The trip really met our expectations of being a great combination of relaxation and adventure.  I consider myself a tough grader and on a scale of 1-10, I would rate the trip a "9!"  Certainly, the trip ranks among my top vacations of all time. " MORE...

"Marjanna, we had an awesome time on our trip to Oz!  Thanks so much for lining everything up for us.  The things we appreciated most were that everything was already coordinated and booked (easy and convenient!), we didn't have to figure out who MIGHT be the best outfitter to go with, and the combination of activities was just right.  As you guessed, our favorite activity was the dive trip.  The Nimrod was  the perfect dive boat!  It was small, and the crew and food were great.  We even got to swim with a dwarf minke whale for about 45 minutes.  It came within 5 feet of us time and again!!!  We had our own biologist touring with us on the Jowalbinna Bush Camp excersion.  What an amazing place! Thanks again! "

Todd and Heidi Robinson
AUG 2002

" My daughter and I planned and looked forward to our trip to Australia for 2 years. Many times when you look forward to something for so long and with such great anticipation you are setting yourself up for some disappointment because we tend to build the event up so much in our minds. I can truly say that our trip to Australia not only met our wildest dreams, but even greatly exceeded them! " MORE...

" We're back from our wonderful trip.  We wanted to thank you and the people in Australia and New Zealand who helped to set it up.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Australia and absolutely fell in love with New Zealand.  And, as promised, the guided walks in NZ were fabulous.  I must say, we were unbelievably spoiled because on the Hollyford Walk we were the only ones booked in for the trip!  So we had the guide (charming and informative) as well as the lodge managers (wonderful people!) all to ourselves.  It was idyllic.  Abel Tasman was also fabulous, but we had to share o ur guide with 8 other people.  Imagine that!  (I'm kidding here). "

Thanks again!
Jane Stern
MAR 2002

"I have been remiss. I wanted to let you know what a fantastic, memorable and exciting experience we had in Australia. I took 8 hours of video & plan to edit it down to an hour. When I get to that point, if you want I will send you a tape. We will be going back in a couple of years and will keep your number.
Thanks again."

David Schulberg
Nov 2001
"I just arrived back in New York two days ago and wanted to tell you that I have a fabulous trip.  All of the arrangements were great and the tour groups I joined up with were fabulous.

Thank you for setting me up with such a great trip.  I will definitely recommend you and your company to anyone wanting to travel to Australia and New Zealand. "


Judy Lorenz
Sep 2001

Hi Marjanna,
We had a great trip, it didn't hurt that the USD is so strong against the Aussie dollar!  The guides we had at Kangaroo Island were fantastic!  We ended up also doing a spotlighting trip there.  Possum Valley was great, we watched platypus for about two hours in the morning, but the spotlighting wasn't as sucessful, we didn't see a thing!  
All in all it was a good time.  Thanks again for all your help

Adele and Ron Dodge
April 2001


You really hit the jackpot!  Everything was terrific and came off without a hitch.  It was a remarkable trip in every way.  The top of the top were the B &B in Wellington, with Virginia Barton Chapel and the Able Tasman trip.  Words do not describe.  Virginia's place is breathtaking; she and I bonded and became fast friends.  I returned with a sculpture of hers (she is a sculptor), which I treasure.  The group at A.T. was extraordinary--from beginning to end.  Guides were out of this world; companions were compelling and great fun, and the lodge was breathtaking. 

Jane Stern
FEB 2001


Hi Marjanna,   Jim and I wish to thank you for the unique and unusual "Vacation of a Lifetime" you planned for us.   We would not have been aware of most of what we did without your expertise.   Each adventure was more exciting than the last.   Highlights for us included the 'Santa Maria' ship, Jowalbinna Bush Camp and our final days at Thala Beach Lodge (awesome).   We were active participants with like-minded people.   Skill, knowledge and flare were the order of the day with all expedition leaders.   On a scale of 1 to 10~~~~~ a 15!!!!!!!   

Looking forward to your next adventure for us,
Jim Gutenkauf & Jill Klahn
December 2000


    I decided after all that since you did such a great job for us, I should send a written eval. Overall the trip was fabulous.  We had a wonderful time, loved the country, the people, the animals, the plants, the food. Here's more details:
The travel part went without a hitch.  The planes came and went on time, the connections all worked.  We were met as promised.  No problems. The Magnolia Court Hotel in Melbourne was just fine.  [Their advice to walk to the Botanic Garden was perhaps ill-advised; by the time we got there, through the Sports Complex, it was late, hot, thirsty.  But their advice on where to eat of a Sunday or holiday was good... we enjoyed the neighborhood Chinese restaurant.]


I returned yesterday from my trip to Australia.  It was AWESOME.  Thanks SO much for setting up the tours on such a short notice.  Everything was wonderful, your ideas for our itinerary were perfect and everyone there really helped make the vacation even better.  I fell in love with Australia and can't WAIT to get back there again.  If not to live then for another vacation, of which I will certainly call you up again!  I'm making sure my friends will know who to call if they ever decide to take a trip to that part of the world.  Thank you Marjanna!  BEST Regards!  

Rita Cruz
Nov 1999


" WOW!!!!!  We are having the adventure of a lifetime, we are so thrilled with our accommodations and the fabulous food.  Everyone says that it couldn't be better.  Thanks! We did survive the bush camp, although it was a little hot. The morning chorus at the bush camp was out of this world! "

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