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For those looking to experience and become educated on the native Australian wildlife and Aboriginal heritage, this is truly one of the most authentic experiences available. A naturalist guide will unveil the native wildlife and lead you through the wide open spaces of Australia in small groups on a journey of discovery.


Depart Melbourne at approximately 9:30 am.

Get close to kangaroos, and other abundant birdlife, whilst a special Koala Research Project ensures that there will be multiple sightings of koalas. Guests will venture into 'real Australia' to discover the rich Aboriginal heritage. Learn about the plants and animals of the open-range grasslands of Serendip Sanctuary on the Western Plains and in the bushlands of Brisbane Ranges National Park.

Within easy reach from the centre of the city of Melbourne, these environments provide the perfect introduction to Australia's unique wildlife and indigenous culture. See and walk amongst Kangaroos in large free ranging groups. Spot emus, wallabies, koalas and other unique Australian wildlife all to the reward of a delicious bush lunch.

You will be returned to Melbourne by 6pm.

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