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"We had a wonderful time! It really exceeded our expectations. As you said, the people are the friendliest of any I have encountered. The food was amazing and we enjoyed all the activities. We snorkeled, dove, hiked, kayaked, visited 2 villages, played volleyball and enjoyed the spa. Great service and an absolutely gorgeous location. Thank you for all your help and encouraging us to go to Fiji."

Blake Curton
August 2009

"Good food, they put together a couple of kava nights with the locals too which was cool. There was a village with a waterfall that we checked out and an island you could swim to. Mantas, sea snakes, sharks, dolphins, and a lot of great hard coral..." MORE...

"We are back from Fiji! It was a great trip (other than the hurricane at the end of the trip which just made it more exciting to get home). The people at Wananavu were outstanding. The menus got a little boring but the food was very good. The diving's visibility was poor since they had 2 weeks of rain before we came but the Dive Shop folks were very nice and took care of us. All in all it was a good and relaxing trip."

Carrie Campbell Grimes
Feb 08

"Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how pleased we were with our stay at the Wananavu in Fiji.  The place was very well maintained, the food was great, and the staff were just marvelously friendly and helpful.  We enjoyed our stay there as much as anywhere else I can remember we have stayed." MORE...
"We were extremely please with all of the service provided by the taxis and travel center in the airport. We were surprised by how well the drivers were able to find us, and how well getting from point A -> B -> C went. Absolutely no hassle! All of our vouchers worked questions asked. More...

Fiji was also very beautiful and Wananavu Beach Resort was awesome. The staff was fun and they always greeted you with "bula" and your first name. Again the food, diving, accommodations and views were fabulous.
As for diving, the reefs were lush, very healthy and there were loads of fish. The hard and soft corals was the most beautiful I've ever seen ad I would love to go back. Thanks again!

Ralph Wills
Sept 2007

"We absolutely loved everything about the trip – you planned it perfectly.  The only thing that I would change, if possible, would be the number of mosquitoes at Papageno and their love for me.  Chip and I spoke frequently about the way things came together and how you arranged it all and decided that it was perfect.  The three different places were very different and each unique, the order in which you had us do them was from most active to most relaxing and from remote Fijian at Papageno to more western culture at Wananavu."MORE...
"Well, here we are, back from the most amazing vacation in Fiji!!! We have you to thank for and absolutely wonderful, romantic, over-the-top, dream-come-true anniversary vacation. You really knew how to pick the ideal resorts for us...thank you so much.  As I said, Tiliva was fantastic. A small intimate place - we happened to be the only guests at that time and were treated so special. Like our own private island only better." MORE...
"Kadavu was fun. I enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t an island with roads and that we got to the resort by boat. The diving was good but not great. Since fishing is not protected as at Moody’s, most of the fish I saw on Kadavu were small. The owners were very friendly (I forget their names) as was the staff. They have the largest collection of used paperbacks I have ever seen." MORE...
" Kristen and I had a fabulous time in Fiji -- what an amazing place, incredible diving and warm people! We loved Qamea, as you know, and Ron and his staff were great and made us feel so at home that we extended are stay!  The bures are gorgeously appointed, the spa is spectacular -- Guinot products and the best facial of my life!  The food was great -- they were so accommodating about special requests and snacks, etc.  I would recommend Qamea without hesitation to anyone looking for a great vacation at a wonderful, luxurious place -- in fact, we can't wait to go back!" MORE...
"Thanks so much for the great trip you organized. It was fabulous. Mike at Kai Viti was excellent. We got out to the Bligh Waters a few times and were spoiled rotten by his crew. They put our fins on for us!!!! Corey and Tyler played with Ariel and the babysitter's daughter Sulu and Corey learned to swim without floatation at the Wananavu pool. Dive Kadavu was excellent as well. We had 5 Mantas dive with us a good part of one dive and a couple on the 2nd dive that day. The shark feed was great and Dion, the chef was excellent." MORE...

" I just wanted to say thank you for putting together such a great trip! It was some of the best diving we have ever experienced and so relaxing! We came home totally rejuvenated. Marjanna, the Wananavu for the second week was a brilliant idea; it left us with wonderful memories ( the first week at garden iusland was a little strange). Julie and Mike of Kai Tivi are great people and really put out for us and the staff/accomodations at the resort were terrific. We are already planning our next trip and will take 4 weeks- 2 weeks is just not enough time. Thank you both so much, you are the best!"

Margaret Birkhaeuser
March 2004

"Maravu was magical. Really nothing to object to. The food was fantastic, the staff was so friendly, and we had a great time doing the activities on offer. We biked, hiked a couple of times (including a four-hour, truly "off road" experience with one of the Maravu staff members), went to Honeymoon Island, the waterfalls, and visited a village. Beautiful pool. I loved it because it felt like it was for adults -- very deep and not much chlorine." MORE...

"First off, let me tell you the trip to Fiji was fabulous.  Everything was great; the islands, the resorts, the weather, the diving, the people, the snorkeling, and the food, especially at Qamea. On Qamea, I spoke to Saki, the Guest Services Manager about our anniversary dinner on the beach and he said he was taking care of everything.  Let me tell you, he did a great job.  We had a candle light dinner with champagne and music.  The band came over to our table and played for us several times through out the evening.  The wait staff all came over with a cake and sang Happy Anniversary to us and then they all danced with us to the music of the band.  For helping us put this wonderful trip together, we offer you a big VINAKAVAKALEVU.
Again, we thank you for your advice and assistance in making this a special anniversary trip. "

Joe Berger
OCT 2004

"WOW, what a spectacular trip!!!! you were right about everything... it surpassed my expectations in every way.. the resort was beautiful and the island of Taveuni was unspeakably lovely.. I loved how lush and untouched it were right about the people...just beautiful!
The diving was the best that I have every experience too... I LOVED IT ALL!!!!" MORE...
"Thanks for the postcard.  All went according to plan on schedule.
Diving was great!  I'm still entralled by Black Magic Mountain, the
finest site I've ever dived.  Wananavu was as nice as ever with an
unexpected touch this time - lovely flower arrangements awaiting us in our bure on many afternoons.

Not unexpectedly, the downside was that 20th century torture chamber called a fully loaded 747.  10 hours each way in that instrument of misery is a price which had to be paid, though."

Don Acheson
July 2002
We're back!  Had a great time.  Maravu plantation was fantastic, the people, food, decor.  The Taveuni Island Resort was beautiful because of the scenery -- overlooking the ocean -- but personally, I liked Maravu better. Guess what -- it rained non-stop the first 3 days we were there and was raining on and off for another 4 days -- got 3 nice days altogether.  The people at the resort (Maravu) were apologizing for the bad weather. Apparently it hasn't been that bad for many, many years.  Oh well, we managed to have fun despite the weather!" MORE...
"Thanks so much for all the help you provided in planning and booking our once in a life time trip to Tahiti, Australia and Fiji.  Our neice, Alison, was delighted we were at her wedding in Brisbane just before Christmas and we will always have the fondest memories of the event.  That was just one highlight from our long trip.  The Pearl Beach Resort at Bora Bora was sensational.  The beach hut was unique with its three separate spaces including the lovely private open sky garden, jacuzzi and shower area." MORE...

We'll, here we are, back from the most amazing vacation in Fiji!!! We have you to thank for and absolutely wonderful, romantic, over-the-top, dream-come-true anniversary vacation. You really knew how to pick the ideal resorts for us...thank you so much.  As I said, Tiliva was fantastic. A small intimate place - we happened to be the only guests at that time and were treated so special.

Like our own private island only better. The burres were beautiful, the diving was really nice and the hospitality and food were superb. We really enjoyed our time there, and we will remember all the dear people we met there. You were right about Qamea also - it surpassed anything we could have imagined with elegant burres, incredible views, the luxurious massages, beautiful diving, gourmet food and again the amazing warmth, friendliness and hospitality of all the good people there. Everyone in both places, as well as you, Marjanna went to such lengths to make our holiday perfect. Needless to say Fiji and the beautiful people there comletely won our hearts and we'll always remember this majical time.  Vanaka Vakalevu!

"Thanks for all your help in making our honeymoon wonderful and special. Many, many highlights - too many to mention!  Fiji was great all around. New Zealand too, with particular mention of the Wilderness Lodge and sheep farm at Arthur's Pass, the B&B on Waiheke Island, the scenery, and swimming
with the dolphins.

Hope all is well with you and I look forward to planning more trips through you in the future".

Eric Eastman

Nov 2000

"We loved the hospitality we received, all of our
arrangements went very smoothly, it was great to have the day room in Nadi, the Fijians were wonderful, and we were very pleased with both resorts. Moody's was wonderfully relaxing--perfect for quiet romance and wonderful for nature lovers.  Kadavu's natural setting was also spectacular, and we enjoyed the staff there very much.  While both were beautiful and comfortable, they were different enough that we felt like we got insights into two quite different sides of Fiji.  On the whole, it was a memorable trip that we enjoyed a great deal, and we would recommend it to anyone. The biggest problem--the poor weather--was something no one could have predicted.  Now if we could just find some more money to go back!!

T hanks for helping us plan a honeymoon that we will always recall fondly!! "

Thomas and Elizabeth Andrews

SEPT 2000













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