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Experience an adventure beyond your wildest dreams. In the waters of Beqa Lagoon, lies a protected area where fishing is prohibited and you and your group will enter the waters that swarm with fish awaiting their scraps from the local cannery. In the past decade of offering this Big Fish Encounter, there has never been a dangerous incident. As long as you listen to your guides, you can expect to be surrounded not only by magnificent animals but by professionally trained guides.

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What's It like?

Although there are no guarantees with wild animals, your experience is likely to emulate the following:

From the minute you jump off the boat, you'll see swarms of fish of all shapes and sizes. You find your buddy and make your way to the bottom, only 30 feet or so down. Protected by professional guides, you follow your group to the rope line where the show begins. The symphony of shapes and sounds include a pile of hungry nurse sharks crawling up the leg of the guide; begging like puppies for bits of scraps. Above you swarm the menacing Bull Sharks, who are far more interested in the tuna than anything else but still come close enough to raise your heart rate. Surrounding center stage is a hurricane of fish, spiraling through the water in front of your face for smaller bits of food. Suddenly, a hole in the fish circle breaks as a tiger shark glides overhead, coming in for her own portion of the feast. Her magnificent size dominates the scene as she feeds and disappears into the blue water and you make your way to the surface after an exhilarating and awe-inspiring spectacle.

Shark Conservation:

This adventure not only offers a serious adrenaline rush, it also supports a great cause. With the help of local communitites, the waters where the dive sites are located have become officially protected from fishing. This allows the fish to grow healthy and large, with a better chance of successful reproduction. This, in turn, has created more plentiful fishing in the surrounding waters. As a result, the local community has benefited economically while the environment has benefitted from healthy, balanced reef systems. No sharks are killed in these waters!

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