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TUI TAI - Sample Itinerary

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Day 1: A scenic drive along the coastline from Savusavu to Natewa Bay to boad the ship. Enjoy a snack and complimentary foot massage upon arrival before a morning of snorkeling and dive outings for a chance to see a resident pod of spinner dolphins. Sea kayaking after lunch and set sail.

Day 2: Arrival at Kioa Island, the only island in Fiji whose people are Polynesian. The people are masters of handicrafts and fishing and midday, you can visit a village and hear stories from the elders. Both snorkeling and scuba diving are considered the best in all of Fiji on this day. Divers explore the famous "Rainbow Reef" within the Somosomo Straits. Afternoon on mountain bike or birding to spot the rare Silktail.

Day 3: Welcome to Taveuni, Fiji's Garden Island. Explore lush rainforests and the waterfalls of Bouma National Heritage Park, one of Fiji's best conservation and ecotourism success stories. Set out on mountain bikes, passing villages along the way to reach natural pools for swimming or a massage right in front of the waterfalls. Afternoon brief sail to Qamea Island for a Melanesian cultural performance.

Day 4: Far from any main islands, the ship anchors in the Ringgold Isles. Hike to the summit of a sunken volcanic crater, kayak around the reefs, and enjoy the many opportunities for snorkeling and diving. Eat lunch on one of the best beaches in the world and enjoy a spa on the island.

Day 5: Visit Rabi Island, rich in history and natural beauty. Meet the locals and experience their elaborate and powerful dances. Set out on mountain bikes in the afternoon or settle on a white sand beach. Enjoy snorkeling from the beach or sea kayak over to Albert Cove. Dinner will be a traditional Lovo feast on the beach as food is cooked in an underground oven.

Day 6: Back to Taveuni Island for kayaking inland to discover hidden waterfalls and hiking the Lavena Coastal Walk. Join the naturalist guide to learn about Fiji's exotic birds, herbal medicines, and important crops.

Day 7: Return to Albert Cove to enjoy any and every activity within the sheltered harbor. One last night on board before your return home.

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