The Great Australian Cattle DriveThe Great Australian Cattle DriveThe Great Australian Cattle DriveThe Great Australian Cattle DriveThe Great Australian Cattle DriveThe great Australian Cattle DriveThe Great Australian Cattle Drive


The following tours break up the cattle drive into distinct segments, but any and every of the weeks feature the regions beautiful and fascinating history and landscape.

Dawn of the Cattle Drive - Friday 30 July to Tuesday 3 August
Drovers Crossing - Wednesday 4 August to Sunday 8 August
Kidman Country - Monday 9 August to Friday 13 August
Cattle Kings
- Sunday 15 August to Thursday 19 August

Ringers Run - Friday 20 August to Tuesday 24 August
Cattle Drive Round Up - Wednesday 25 August to Sunday 29 August

Lake Eyre - One of the natural wonders of the world: this blinding salt lake covers 9,690 square kilometres — which is about the size of the Netherlands. It is truly a mesmerising sight.
Anna Creek Station - The world's largest cattle station: covering 26,000 square kilometres, Anna Creek is ordinarily off-limits; you will be crossing country that is rarely seen by the public.
Aboriginal - A special cultural journey: the indigenous peoples traded sacred ochre up and down the Oodnadatta region. Stories of this trade route, their Dreaming and their remarkable survival skills will be told as the Drive progresses...
The surreal Mound Springs - These large domes bulge out of the flat, endless rocky plains. Adding to the abstraction is the fact they weep water, giving life to grasses, flowers, insects—and even species of water snails found nowhere else on the planet.
A history of endeavour - The Cattle Drive will literally be trailing history as it passes relics left by the explorers, the railway gangers and the men who laid the famous Overland Telegraph line to Alice Springs.
William Creek - A real desert outpost: it's the town that's home to some ten people as well as Australia's most isolated pub. Nights at the William Creek Hotel are legendary...
Coward Springs - Literally an oasis in the desert: Coward Springs not only provided refreshment and shade, it also watered the famous Ghan steam engines. The ruins of the old railway outpost are still a welcome respite—though soaking in the 29 degree Celsius (84 F) springs, surrounded by wetland, date palms and bird life will be especially refreshing...
Marree Man - The world's largest piece of outdoor art: Marree Man is a geoglyph—a design etched into the ground—found at Finniss Springs. Depicting a standing aboriginal warrior with a boomerang, it measures some 4km long and was discovered by air in June 1998. How it came to be is still a mystery.