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"Dances of the Continents "

The bi-annual equine dance performance and benefit will be held on September 12 & 13, 2009 to raise funds for a couple of wonderful charities. Mark your calendars, as this was a sold out event in 2007! The mission is to combine people, horses and dance in performances to raise money and awareness for worthy causes. The global dance theme is combined with a focus on the local community using music from around the world and food, beverages, and art from local suppliers. Watch a talented group of equestrian riders and their horses in a dance performance to impress riders of all ages and abilities. Enjoy an elegant evening of delicious hors d'oeuvres and an art show and sale of donated works or join in on some family fun for a casual day time performance and more great food all for a good cause!

September 12 - "Black Tie and Blue Jeans"

Art sale and Dancing Horse Performance with hors d'oeuvres, drinks, raffles, and loads of entertainment.. More...


September 13- Matinee Showing of "Dance of the Continents"

This is a fun-filled matinee performance for the whole family. With BBQ snacks, raffles, an art show, dancing horses, and a special intermission performance. More...


Fistula Foundation

The Fistula Foundation

Healing women, restoring dignity, and transforing lives, the Fistula Foundation is deditacted to the treatment and prevention of fistula. Fistula is caused by obstructed labor and improper medical care during labor and affects millions of impoverished women around the world.

Colorado Theraputic Riding Center

Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center

CTRC, located in Longmont, CO has been devoted since 1980 to serving children and adults with disabilities. As the oldest and largest therapeutic riding center in Colorado, CTRC serves over 700 riders and has an impressive workforce of over 1,000 volunteers each year.

Colorado Horse Rescue

Colorado Horse Rescue

CHR is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing shelter, emergency relief care, rehabilitation and adoption services for abused, abandoned, neglected and unwanted horses.

Central Asia Institute

Central Asia Insitute

CAI is a non-profit organization that promotes and provides community-based education and literacy programs, especially for girls, in remote regions of Central Asia.


"Training in the classical tradition, is a conditnioning of horses to accept and follow our guidance, but doing so as much as humanly possible within the parameters of their nature. Accordingly, our work can only be considered good when it is certified by the horses themselves as being acceptable.

Horses demonstrate their approval by:

- The continued calmness, confidence, and eagerness of their mind and spirit
- The impulsive, balanced purity of the three natural gaits, further reflected by their bodies which grow deep, well-muscled and beautiful
- Their health, soundness, and longevity

To achieve any measure of equestrian integrity we must hold these simple points as inviolable beacons, the very lodestar for all our interactions with these magnificent creatures."

From A Horseman's Note
by Erik Herbermann

  Darcie Carr - Darcie doesn't have to search very far to find her inspiration for her artwork. As an animal lover and traveler by nature, she captures moments of personality and vibrance in landscapes and portraiture of every day scenes and experiences in travel.
  June Munger - June's art background includes a BFA from CU. A self-proclaimed "mixed mania" artist, June is crazy about many different art media. She is involved in a print exchange group by mail, soft sculptures (don't dare call it a doll!) and artist handmade books. She also likes writing limericks --- go figure!
  Maria Neary - "I love art because I love doing it and it is what I have been doing for 40+ years." Maria's pieces are mixed-media/ acrylic paintings. Her latest art can be seen on her website.
  Laurie Prindle - Laurie's focus in her art is graphic design. Her works range from website graphics, including that of Great Expeditions, printed works, and much more. More on Laurie and her work can be found on her website,
  Sara Wolfe - Sara is a watercolor and mixed media painter, using gesso, wax, torn tissue, oil and soft pastels in addition to watercolor. She enjoys the way the watercolor reacts to the other materials that she uses and is drawn to the spiritual side of nature and the landscape. She works out of a small studio at home and has exhibited in the Boulder / Longmont area.
  Teresa Smith - Inspired by nature, Teresa Smith intuitively paints personal impressions of the natural world. Her goal is to emotionally touch others in a positive way through her art. She teaches and has exhibited widely, leading painting workshops both locally and abroad.
  Carol Walker - Carol's passion for photography began at an early age, when she took her first portrait of her parents at 4 years old. Pet photography was an early interest, with her dogs as favorite subjects while growing up. She studied photography at Smith College, ant continued studying in Southern California at UCLA's Extension program. More...
  Diane Panetta - At the age of 5 an innocent pony ride at her friend's birthday party ignited her evolving passion for horses. Since then Diane Panetta, has been working with, on and around horses in all areas including riding, photographing, instructing lessons, training, and currently working to help others, humans and horses, co-create desired partnerships by utilizing more effective communication skills. More...
  Maria Wasson - The catalyst for this event, Maria owns West Winds Farm with her husband Stephen Miller where she trains horses and teaches riding. More...
  Sara Wolfe - When Sara Wolfe was younger, her favorite horses to draw in her "secret" notebook were drafts, arabians, and thoroughbreds. Now, she's found all three in Zephyr. More...
  Marjanna Helwig - Marjanna's passion for horses began (as many do) at childhood, although her first horse did not come along until age 16. Having "collected" a few over the years, Marjanna currently owns three horses, one of which will be ridden in our benefit performances. More...
  Shelley Smagac - Shelley started her lifelong association with horses at a young age, working daily at stables in New York in exchange for "free" weekly riding lessons. She has always incorporated horses in her life and now events on her Thoroughbred mare, Melody. More...
  Jen Huff - Jen has been riding to "clear her mind" since early infancy. If she weren't on a horse, she'd be on a therapist's couch. Jen borrowed her kids' 7 year old Quarter Horse / Paint pony "Gizmo" to ride in the performance. More...
  Courtney Williams - Courtney's passion for horses started early in childhood, but she only started riding in the last 10 years, taking breaks to have babies. Courtney studied dance in college, so being part of the West Winds Farm Equine Dance Company combines the two passions. More...
  Claudia Barkmeier - Riding is the best anti-aging serum that Claudia has been able to find. She rides because when you are training your horse, you can't be thinking about anything else. More...
  Cathy Whitlatch - Cathy grew up riding in the foothills of Northern California, but her passion for horses has taken her to Boston, Ireland, and now Colorado; horses are continuously proving to to be a lifetime source of dreams, ambitions, and mental clarity! More...
  Tess Meyer - Tess was born and raised in Boulder, and began riding with Maria Wasson
when she was five years old. More...

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